Coney Stories


Coney Island has been a local landmark for decades, and we hear so many stories of memories made over a couple chili dogs. Do you have a Coney story? A special memory from your past, or a Coney family tradition? Share it with us below! We treasure each and every one. We'll also post some of our favorites here on the website!

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“My story is simple, I've been coming here for over 60 years. The best. Nuff said.

- Gary Meyle

“Born and raised in Kalamazoo, and Coney Island is still the best. I bring my kids and grandkids here whenever I can. I have traveled from Las Vegas, Gulf Port, Mississippi, New York to Chicago but always coming home and going to Coney Island for a hot dog--the best one that you will ever taste--leaves the smiling tear in your eyes every time. Thanks for the past memories and the new one to come.

- Patricia Thomas

“I was born in Kalamazoo and lived there until I was about 10. I remember going to Coney Island as a child and everyone knowing my dad Charlie Missias. Every year when I would come back to spend the summer with him it was a must that we went to Coney Island. Now as an adult every time I come to Kalamazoo, which is about once a year, my dad and I still go there. I have even brought hot dogs back with me to Virginia to eat at a later date! They are the best, nothing compares to them.

- Calli Missias-Brown

“My dad started taking us to Kalamazoo's Coney Island Hot Dogs restaurant when we were all little kids. He told me that in the old days the 'red hots' were 2 for 25 cents, and we would order 2 each and sit at the booths. Each booth had a mini jutebox but we raced to the big jutebox to play music! In the historic building, the atmosphere was vintage and the owner was making hot dogs faster than lightning, always quick and quick with a smile and his son worked there too--but the owner was the original speed demon of making a row of coney dogs faster than the speed of sound.

The coney dogs are lined with a secret recipe mustard, then heaped with homemade 'coney beef topping' top secret recipe, then fresh sweet chopped onions. Even as a kid till now, you order 2, if not 3 (or more ) per person, worth every penny. This place has the best coney island hot dogs on earth, I dare anyone to try to beat them, and of course, no one comes close. My dad kept taking me there till he passed away. I gotta believe that Coney Dogs are heavenly food.

I cannot wait to go there again soon. All of my relatives go eat them as well, some fly in from California and their first stop is to get 'Coney Island Hot Dogs', so if you come in from out of town, out of state, please stop there! You are served fast, and you will eat 2 and want 2 more, and don't be shy, it is worth every penny and every delicious taste is delectable.

#1 fan of Coney Island Hot Dogs in Kalamazoo Michigan USA!"

- Brenda Ray

“I have been eating Coney Island hot dogs at your downtown establishment since I was at Nazareth College in the late '60s - early '70s. Can't think of anything nicer to remember and still have available. In fact, I am thinking of driving in from Crystal Lake, IL tomorrow. I call it my 400 mile $40 hot dog! People think I am crazy. Absolutely worth every mile."

- Mary Donner

“My parents went through a very difficult divorce in 1966. At the age of 3, I had a really hard time understanding the different dynamics and why I only saw my dad on weekends. But what precious weekends they were! My dad would often pick up my brother and me and take us to this "exotic" place in the "big city" of Kalamazoo ... Coney Island. The smell of chili and dogs and mustard and onions was overpowering to a small child -- all the more exciting!! Plus the friendly staff who, unbeknownst to me at the time, were familiar with our family's situation and went OUT OF THEIR WAY to make sure my brother and I were treated like royalty. It was that kind of personal touch, not to mention THE DOGS, that brought me back many times with my new step-parents, my new driver's license, my new engagement ring, my new baby. I have been many places in the ensuing years and have YET to find the perfect Coney dog like yours in Kalamazoo. I firmly believe that food made with love tastes the best of all. Thank you for loving and impacting the Kalamazoo community for so many generations."

- Terri Brogan

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