Coney Stories


Coney Island has been a local landmark for decades, and we hear so many stories of memories made over a couple chili dogs. Do you have a Coney story? A special memory from your past, or a Coney family tradition? Share it with us below! We treasure each and every one. We'll also post some of our favorites here on the website!

We'd also love to SEE your Coney memories! If you have a photo you'd like to share with us, please email us directly.


“Started eating at Coney Island in the early 60's. My Dad was a Kalamazoo city policeman and got paid every two weeks. Luckily, Dad had been eating there since he was a kid. He'd tell me stories of the owner betting he and his brother: if they could eat 25 coney dogs they wouldn't have to pay! They did it and came back for lunch the next weekend. Extra sauce in a to-go bag (even when dining in--makes the buns steam in the juice). My kids and grandkids love them! Also he said the owner would carefully put the leftovers into a bag gently set on top of the garbage can. Kalamazoo history wouldn't be the same without you! Thanks!"

- S. Mac

“I grew up in Kalamazoo. Some of my best memories in the 1960's was eating the best hotdogs EVER at Coney Island! I moved out of state in 1980. But I still haven't found a hotdog that compares to yours. I wonder if you ship your sauce and or the hot dogs?"

- Sheri Boris

“I had never heard of a "Coney Island" until I moved to Detroit 15 years ago. My first visit I had ordered a Coney dog and chili cheese fries. I thought I was in heaven with the first bite. I made it a weekly stop (sometimes more than once a week!) to get my Coney fix. I moved back home (Niles Michigan area) where we have no Coney Islands, and within the first few weeks of moving back home I was having gosh-awful cravings for Coney chili cheese fries. I tried every restaurant's chili cheese fries and not a one was as good as Coney's. So when I found out that Kalamazoo has a Coney Island, I gladly drive that hour drive just to eat some Coney Island dogs and chili cheese fries."

- Jennifer Bakeman

“My grandfather (and probably my great-grandfather) ate at Coney Island in the 1930s. Later, he introduced my dad to Coney in the '50s. I learned to love coneys when I was working at the Kalamazoo Gazette (my uncle was a sportswriter who also loves Coney) in the late-'80s. I was often the designated food runner for the newsroom on Saturday night, and Coney and Bimbo's were the alternating choices. I haven't lived in Michigan since 1998, but I still get at least one every time I'm in town visiting family."

- Greg Newell

“I was homeless and getting sober and wanted get closer to god. So I tried get food on my own, instead of help from others--so at times I would raid your garbage can. Thanks to your blessed garbage can, I did not go hungry SUMMER 2017. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!"

- Kristina Smith

“I have been coming here over 60 years. I have traveled over 5 million miles driving a truck and never have found coneys as good as here @ Coney Island in Kalamazoo!"

- Donald Hendrichsen

“My story is simple, I've been coming here for over 60 years. The best. Nuff said."

- Gary Meyle

“Born and raised in Kalamazoo, and Coney Island is still the best. I bring my kids and grandkids here whenever I can. I have traveled from Las Vegas, Gulf Port, Mississippi, New York to Chicago but always coming home and going to Coney Island for a hot dog--the best one that you will ever taste--leaves the smiling tear in your eyes every time. Thanks for the past memories and the new one to come."

- Patricia Thomas

“My dad started taking us to Kalamazoo's Coney Island Hot Dogs restaurant when we were all little kids. He told me that in the old days the 'red hots' were 2 for 25 cents, and we would order 2 each and sit at the booths. Each booth had a mini jutebox but we raced to the big jutebox to play music! In the historic building, the atmosphere was vintage and the owner was making hot dogs faster than lightning, always quick and quick with a smile and his son worked there too--but the owner was the original speed demon of making a row of coney dogs faster than the speed of sound.

The coney dogs are lined with a secret recipe mustard, then heaped with homemade 'coney beef topping' top secret recipe, then fresh sweet chopped onions. Even as a kid till now, you order 2, if not 3 (or more ) per person, worth every penny. This place has the best coney island hot dogs on earth, I dare anyone to try to beat them, and of course, no one comes close. My dad kept taking me there till he passed away. I gotta believe that Coney Dogs are heavenly food.

I cannot wait to go there again soon. All of my relatives go eat them as well, some fly in from California and their first stop is to get 'Coney Island Hot Dogs', so if you come in from out of town, out of state, please stop there! You are served fast, and you will eat 2 and want 2 more, and don't be shy, it is worth every penny and every delicious taste is delectable.

#1 fan of Coney Island Hot Dogs in Kalamazoo Michigan USA!"

- Brenda Ray

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