More Coney Stories


“I was born in Kalamazoo and lived there until I was about 10. I remember going to Coney Island as a child and everyone knowing my dad Charlie Missias. Every year when I would come back to spend the summer with him it was a must that we went to Coney Island. Now as an adult every time I come to Kalamazoo, which is about once a year, my dad and I still go there. I have even brought hot dogs back with me to Virginia to eat at a later date! They are the best, nothing compares to them."

- Calli Missias-Brown

“I have been eating Coney Island hot dogs at your downtown establishment since I was at Nazareth College in the late '60s - early '70s. Can't think of anything nicer to remember and still have available. In fact, I am thinking of driving in from Crystal Lake, IL tomorrow. I call it my 400 mile $40 hot dog! People think I am crazy. Absolutely worth every mile."

- Mary Donner

“My parents went through a very difficult divorce in 1966. At the age of 3, I had a really hard time understanding the different dynamics and why I only saw my dad on weekends. But what precious weekends they were! My dad would often pick up my brother and me and take us to this "exotic" place in the "big city" of Kalamazoo ... Coney Island. The smell of chili and dogs and mustard and onions was overpowering to a small child -- all the more exciting!! Plus the friendly staff who, unbeknownst to me at the time, were familiar with our family's situation and went OUT OF THEIR WAY to make sure my brother and I were treated like royalty. It was that kind of personal touch, not to mention THE DOGS, that brought me back many times with my new step-parents, my new driver's license, my new engagement ring, my new baby. I have been many places in the ensuing years and have YET to find the perfect Coney dog like yours in Kalamazoo. I firmly believe that food made with love tastes the best of all. Thank you for loving and impacting the Kalamazoo community for so many generations."

- Terri Brogan

“My dad had been taking me for Coney Island hot dogs since before I can remember. We would sit in the booths and play the little juke boxes that were there. He always played the same songs and I loved it. Now that he has passed away I take my kids and every time I do my daughter will say, "Mommy this was Papa's favorite place." It's kind of sad the juke boxes are gone though my kids say they wish we could play music like Papa used to. So thank you for the awesome memories and I hope you are around for many generations to come."

- Jessica Sweet

“I have been eating your dogs for as long as I can remember. And, I have been bringing my kids there since they were born. I joke with them that it was fate that they both work there!

Thank you Adams family for a great memory and landmark. And, thank you for being such great employers to my children. I know your family and your restaurant AND your dogs will remain an important part of our family for a long time."

- Ray Lohner

“Use to go there in the 50's with my Dad, Coney Dogs and Coke was what they had--no fries, burgers or other stuff.

Little juke boxes on the tables, the old airplane fan running on the ceiling and the best hot dogs on the planet, mustard, Coney sauce and lots of onions; no one ever put anything else on this traditional great hot dog.

To the family that runs the place: never give up."

- G. Martin

“When I was a kid (mid 1940s and on) we would visit my paternal grandmother in Vicksburg every Sunday. On the way home to our home on Minor Avenue, my dad would drive out of his way to stop at the Coney Island where he would get a bag full of coneys. Mr. Adams (I think that was his name) would douse the steamed buns with so much coney sauce it would run down your arm, then wrap them tightly in wax paper before bagging them up. By the time we got home and opened each wrapper, the buns were about 1/4-inch thick and pasted to the hotdogs. A bag of Seyferts potato chips and a Nehi Orange soda made the meal complete. later, I worked 35 years in the Kalamazoo Gazette newsroom and part of Del Newell's job description (informal) on the Saturday night shift was to make runs to the Coney Island. I still cherish ordering Coney Island dogs with piles of onions and 'extra juice -- no, even more juice!!!' YUMMMMMM."

- Tom Stersic

“My mouth is watering as I type this! I'm 67-years-old living in Cape Coral FL for the past 4 years. My wife and I are coming back to the area in mid June and I cannot wait to down as many of those tasty coney island dogs as I can! I still remember the guy standing with the tray of dogs in his arm shaking... oh what memories and how we used to walk out tasting onions, I cannot wait!!!! Wow."

- Michael Kelly

“I remember eating hot dogs at your store when I was five—that was 54 years ago. When I was in business "hauling trash" I brought all our employees to your store for lunch every six months on work boot buying day at Okun Bros. We would all crowd in and order as many hot dogs as you could possibly cook. We always had an eating contest to see how many we could cram down. Mike Ackerman (one of our drivers) would always win hands down! If I can remember right we would usually eat around 120-150 each visit.

Sure do miss your place.”

- Mike Daggett

“I starting eating at Coney Island in the late 1940s. One time all my family was in town so we went to Coney island--the bill was 125.00! I was one of the investors in Main St. East and always look forward to go to Coney island when I return to Kazoo. As I am now 87, I do not go back but I sure miss Coney Island! ”

- Bob Rizzardi

“My five older sisters and brothers all tell stories of having 15, 20 or 25 cents in their pockets and going to the Coney Shop. My first trip was around 1950 with my Dad or a brother. Moved to Otsego and continued to come to Kazoo for a couple of dogs. Still, when I return from California, I always make it to the Coney Shop for a lunch of dogs, now, with my own sons. Great memories.”

- John Hutchens

“I lived in Kalamazoo for three years, 1990-1993. Living and working in sales in a territory that encompassed downtown I had many, many opportunities to go to Coney Island. I often met my husband, his coworkers, or my coworkers or a combination.

“My mouth is watering now. I have not had a dog and fries from there since 1993, but I remember the smell and the tatse.

“I yearn to revisit all our haunts in the Southwest Michigan area. Coney Island is most certainly at the top of the list!”

- Sherry Ennis

“My grandparents got married in September 1935 at the courthouse in downtown Kalamazoo. After exchanging vows and paying for their marriage licence, they walked down to Coney Island and had just enough change left to each have a hot dog and to share a glass of milk. They said they never forgot their "honeymoon lunch." They both passed away in April 1988, just 48 hours apart.”

- Susan Dennany